Our innovative approach harnesses the remarkable power of low-pressure steam, a gentle yet remarkably effective method that is particularly suitable for an array of exterior surfaces frequently encountered in commercial settings. Notably, our expertise extends to the meticulous restoration and cleaning of historic buildings, delicately preserving their architectural integrity and timeless charm.

Our diverse portfolio of services encompasses a wide range of exterior surfaces, including intricate brickwork, intricate stonework, and ornate facades commonly found in historical or architecturally sensitive structures. We understand the intricate nuances of maintaining such properties, and our low-pressure steam cleaning methods are tailored to meet these specific requirements.

At the heart of our steam cleaning service is our state-of-the-art Mazzoni boiler, which empowers us to deliver low-pressure steam at temperatures of up to 150 degrees. This exceptional heat, combined with the power of steam, ensures the thorough removal of stubborn dirt, grime, and pollutants, without causing harm to the delicate surfaces we clean. In addition, we’ve invested in a 40ft extendable pressure pole, allowing us to access and clean those hard-to-reach, elevated areas with ease and precision. This means that no part of your commercial property is beyond our expertise.

With our low-pressure steam cleaning service, you can trust that your historic, delicate, or intricate exterior surfaces will not only be immaculately clean but will retain their charm and architectural significance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Steam Cleaning is a method that uses low pressure steam to clean & sanitise surfaces. The steams heat and moisture effectively loosen dirt, grime & contaminants making them easier to remove.

    We are proud to have the Mazzoni Firebox which is capable of producing 150 degree heat, connected up to our Loncin Pressure Washer. There isn’t a surface we can’t clean with this set up.

    Yes, steam cleaning can be adapted to clean delicate surfaces such as stone and historic buildings. We can adjust the pressure and technique accordingly.

    Steam Cleaning is a versatile method which can be used for various different surfaces such as; Roofs, Graffiti, Render, Stone, Brickwork, Driveways & patios, decking and pool areas.

    Steam Cleaning uses minimal chemicals and relies on the natural clean power of steam, and conserves water, making it a responsible and sustainable cleaning method.

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